Friday, July 8, 2011


Here's a little peek into the making of STATIC.  So many amazingly talented and extremely generous people contributed to making this album. Hope you enjoy!

Where it all began... skyping with co-producer Brice Malahude in Brussels.

Joel Hamilton playing drums at studio G.

Dan Neustadt creating his amazing unique sounds.

Rohin playing percussive trash.  Cans.

Rohin Khemani playing percussive trash.  Pipes.

My beautiful Hagstrom Bass.

Phoning in cyber-co-producer Brice for input at The Bunker session.

Recording engineer and studio owner Aaron Nevezie and drummer Dave Burnett @ The Bunker Studio.

Leron Thomas rockin out to The Animal @ The Bunker

Christopher Hoffman making it lyrical @ The Bunker

Ear break.

Lyenn and Shahzad Ismaily at Rivington 66.

Lyenn tearing it up on Polar Shift at Rivington 66.

Lyenn on Bouzouki at Rivington 66.

Energy Booster.

Square shaped Brice discussing song choices for the record.

Co-producer and recording engineer Blair Wells at the desk of Flux's studio A.

Casey Benjamin contributing to Beautiful

Homemade ear break.

Blair (and me) @ Flux.

From the control room at Flux.


My view as I prepare to record vocals.

Blue Mouse.

Vacationing in Cali to rest ears and soul.

Doug Wilson helping to mix Beautiful.

Blair  always busy doing something...

Celebrating partial completion.

Blair and Doug... mixing/dancing...???

After months of working together via skype and cyberduck Brice Malahude visits in the flesh.

Me. Listening. Always.

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